@KevRaffles (formerly StablemateTips)


I decided to start posting a few selections on 1st January 2015 just to see how I got on and I picked up a few good winners straight off the bat. Since then I realised that I could put some real effort into picking out selections and hopefully helping a few people to make a few quid.

I have introduced a strict points system, which is detailed below.

Staking Plan

There’s ONE important word to constantly remember: Discipline.

As the number of people following me has increased a lot more than I expected, I figured the time had come to put a bit of clarity around the staking plan.

Some of you might already be accustomed to a Points System but for those of you who are not, it is detailed below:

What is a bankroll?

– It is the amount of ‘money’ that you have in your betting account or, if you are not online, it’s however much money you are will to use overall.

What are points?

– My system is that 1 point = 1% of your total bank roll.

Quite simply:

Bank roll £50 > Point 50p
Bank roll £100 > Point £1
Bank roll £500 > Point £5

Each day, I will advise how many points to stake against each selection.

ALL of my Singles will be advised as WIN ONLY (on odds under 20/1) as the returns are significantly higher if they win.

Here’s an example using bank roll:

Selection 1  2pt WIN **
Selection 2  2pt WIN
Selection 3  2pt WIN **
Selection 4  2pt WIN
**E/W Double  1pt E/W (2pts in total)

This example will equate to a total of 10pts for the day

By using this system and a bit of self-discipline, you shouldn’t need to deposit again, honestly.

It might be a bit boring to start with (only betting relatively small stakes) but if you stick with it, and follow some good bets, then it will pay off long-term