Affiliate Scheme

The term “affiliate” has become a swear word on Twitter across the racing community and with good reason in the context of how its generally been used by people promoting bookmakers and ultimately profiting from punters’ losses. A conflict of interest you might say when a so-called Tipster is earning commission on the back of their own losing bets.

“An affiliate is a subsidiary group or person that is officially connected to an organisation”

The new scheme I’m introducing has nothing whatsoever to do with promoting bookmakers nor does it earn me commission from losing bets.

There are several layers to this and it can be used as you see fit.

Ultimately, the idea is that you earn commission by referring new Members to join Stablemate Racing.

You can earn as much or as little as you want and that will solely depend on the time you invest into this. It might be that you send a link to someone, who then joins up or you may have a website where you can add our promotional banners. The more referrals you get, the more money you make.

There are levels for you to achieve over time which is scaled up based on your activity. As a rule, not only does it mean you earn more for the number of referrals but as you start hitting certain thresholds, the percentage commission also increases.

The starting rate for a referral is 33.3%

That means that from day one, for every new Member that you introduce, you will earn 33.3% of any net amount that they pay to Stablemate Racing. You can’t refer an existing member.

If they choose the standard plan of £19.99pm you’ll receive around £6.60 for every month that they stay on board. Get five referrals paying over a year and you could earn around £400.00.

You choose when to withdraw the money into your account as well. Christmas might be a good time or even when your annual subscription is due with SMR!

If it’s not for you that’s fine but cast your eye over the following in case anything changes.

The Affiliate menu is located on the website under MEMBERS then MY ACCOUNT..

You’ll then see the following menu and select Affiliate..

Here you’ll see a dashboard which controls all aspects of your profile..

Have a look through the menus to get a feel of the the layout.

The MARKETING menu is where the links and banners are located. You can choose to customise your own URLs or simply use existing ones to add to your website. The are some banners available and we’ll constantly be updating these with various promotions etc.

This is whatever you choose to make it. The website developer who supports my website said that he runs this on his own business website. He told me that there’s a couple of users who earn a “second wage” by simply using his banners on their own page.

Let me know your initial thoughts and general feedback. Especially the bad bits otherwise I’ll never know. You can e-mail any queries to: